8 unique Angelus tourbillon timepieces inspired by cocktails

This holiday season, raise a toast to exceptional design with the gift of a unique U23 luxury timepiece by Angelus. The Swiss watchmaker’s limited series of 8 unique skeletonized flying tourbillon timepieces will satiate both watch enthusiasts and spirits lovers with their potency and iconic character. 

Packing a visual punch with powerful materials

Each sporty, technical, and finely honed U23 timepiece suspends the Angelus A-250 caliber within an ultra-light yet super-strong, scratch-resistant titanium and CTP (Carbon Thin Ply) composite case measuring a comfortable 42 mm in diameter and 10.3 mm thick. The interplay between the solid metal and textured carbon fiber infuses the U23 with visual energy. 

The colorful skeletonized PVD-treated titanium bridges of the U23 series recall the vivid hues of a classic cocktail in eight distinct shades that coordinate with the minute circle. Each shade identifies a unique piece named after a cocktail. These eight combinations – strong, sour, creamy, light, bitter or sweet – are the ingredients that make the U23 models unique.

The eclectic menu offers classics and rarities that cater to a range of tastes. U23 Negroni is orange, like the blend of Gin and Vermouth. U23 Cosmopolitan adopts the shade of blueberry Vodka. U23 Ocean View startles in Curaçao blue and U23 Tequila Sunrise recreates the orange, pink and blue layers formed by citrus fruit juice and grenadine with the idyllic sea in the background.

Tasteful design crafted with structural strength

The strength of each cocktail-inspired timepiece lies in its superior materials: a unique cocktail of titanium and the highest quality Carbon Thin Ply (CTP) material.  The colored bridges are screwed into the main plate, which is also made from CTP.  To create the CTP, hundreds of layers of carbon are piled into successive layers in alternating orientations and fused together with a highly technical resin that is pressurized at a very high temperature. The resulting carbon fiber material is extremely hard and incredibly dense, yet remains ultra-light, providing optimal structural integrity and additional beneficial properties. CTP is also soft to the touch, non-magnetic, and hypo-allergenic.

With its clean vertical structure, the Angelus A-250 caliber at the heart of the U23 is the visual backbone of the piece.  An open-worked barrel at 12 o’clock offers a 90-hour power reserve, making this both a beautiful and practical timepiece for everyday wear. A flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock offers enhanced timekeeping, offsetting the effects of gravity, while the gear train ensures optimal transmission. These functional organs are anchored to three titanium bridges, giving the U23 its unique personality. Thanks to these bridges, the movement floats above the CTP main plate as if suspended on stilts. 

The high-flying theme carries on to the tourbillon of the Angelus A-250 caliber: a flying tourbillon, with no upper bridge. The tourbillon appears to float freely with a large window cut away from the main plate in the background. This allows light to enter and to illuminate the rotating regulating organ. The arms of the tourbillon carriage mirror the bridges and all the wheels of the movement. Each component has been open-worked to promote lightness of material as well as aesthetic.

With the eight-piece U23 series, Angelus offers a menu of satisfying horological cocktails that offer exclusive holiday gifting options for lovers of fine watchmaking.

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